Happy Teen

What is Happiness?

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony' - Mahatma Gandhi

Being a teenager has never been easy. Peer pressure has never been so high. Many feel inadequate or bullied. Some feel that they have no one they can really talk to, someone who will truly listen to what they are or not saying.

Social media and exams can add anther layer of anxiety. It can be really hard for teenagers to set healthy boundaries and grow into the person they want to be.  Happy Teen coaching is about giving your teenager the tools to be the best version of themself. I will help them:

  • Kill self-doubt by becoming more confident in who they are

  • Get clear on what they want and how to get it

  • Handle peer pressure & stand up to bullies

  • Eliminate stress and anxiety by overcoming negative thinking

  • Replace the habits which hold them back with new ones that push you towards their goals

  • Build a lifestyle of passion and purpose


Happiness Coaching Investments

Dipping your toes: Free - 30 min

A short session to discover if coaching is for you and if I am the right coach for you.


One tester coaching Session: £80 - 90 min

One session to get you moving in the right direction.


Block of 6 Coaching Lessons: 1 x 90 min & 3 x 60 min

A minimum of 6 sessions to address the issues and how to deal with them


Block of 12 Coaching Sessions: 12x60 min

12 sessions to dig deep into your blocks and find yourself

Prices on request. Sessions are paid in advance. Monthly instalments are available for the 12 sessions block.

Sessions are either face to face or via Zoom or Facetime