Find our Happy

It Takes Two

Happiness in a relationship is fundamental to our wellbeing. When something is off-kilter then it can really affect the way we interact with our partner. This is when being able to properly communicate with the other person on how we feel, want and need is extremely important. Hiding isn't an option. Being open, raw and vulnerable is. 

By following my intuition, I'll start unlocking what is knowingly or unknowingly holding you back in your relationship. 


Here are some of the topics that will be brought up and discussed if they are relevant to you. Please remember that no subject is taboo.

  • Conflict and arguments: Are you locked in an argument that you can move on from? 

  • Connected: Are you disconnected and starting to be on different paths?

  • Passion: Have you lost the love and desire for each other?

  • Solo or double act: Are you feeling trapped or lost or can you be yourself in your relationship?

  • Boundaries: Have you discussed what you will tolerate or not or just hoped the other person would know?

  • Sex Life: Are you able to have open conversations about your wants and needs or are you scared of being judged?

  • Balanced relationship: Is one person putting more effort than the other one?

  • Call it quits: Is it time for you to separate even if you love each other? Separating shouldn't be seen as a failure but as the mature and thoughtful process of acknowledging that ending your partnership is the right thing to do in order to be happy and feel like yourself again.  


Happiness Coaching Investments

Dipping your toes: Free - 30 min

A short session to discover if coaching is for you and if I am the right coach for you.


The Tester Coaching Session:  90 min

One session to get you moving in the right direction.



Block of 12 Coaching Sessions:  12 x 90 min

12 sessions to dig deep into your relationship and make you the best team possible.


Prices on Request. Sessions are paid in advance. Monthly instalments are available for the 12 sessions block.

Sessions are either face to face or via Zoom / Facetime